Ballistic Inserts - Buying Guide

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  • All hard plates should defeat M193, M855, 7.62x39 MSC, and 7.62x51 M80.  Selling a Hard Ballistic Insert which doesn't stop these 'most likely rifle threats' is unnecessary and ill-advised for nearly all situations.  Exceptions may include certain narrow Law Enforcement use cases; such as prison guards who only need protection against the firearms on the premises. Or overseas use cases with specific threat matrices and a need for bouyancy.  In the continental USA, these four "baseline" rifle threats' are too common to be avoided.
  • All hard plates sold in the USA should be fully STANDALONE rated, as most CONUS users don't use IIIA Backers. We use plate carriers - At AIRIX GEAR LABS we recommend minimalist carriers when possible.
  • Lightweight armor is key, Heavy PC's don't get worn as much.
  • Many brands sell "flawed" plates to justify the high expense of their better plates. aka "price bracketing."  Many people end up with subpar armor because of these schemes.  At AIRIX ARMOR, we never do this.  We don't play games with life-saving equipment.
  • We recommend our clients choose between our "3++" plates which stop all common rifle threats, (4.5lbs, .75" thick) and our "4++" plates which aim to stop armor-piercing rifle threats (5ish lbs,1" thick).  Both STANDALONE RATED.  There's no reason anybody should buy any other kind of plate,with very few exceptions.
  • Soft armor (IIIA) is justifiable (despite not stopping our four common rifle threats) because it is so thin and light.  It protects against pistols and shrapnel, which is a lot of benefit for the weight.   
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