About Us

Friends, Family, Countrymen and Women!

Welcome to AIRIXARMOR.

This website is the result of an endeavor to leverage our deep pool of knowledge of engineering, supply chains, manufacturing processes, to make and make use of the best tactical gear on earth! 

We started out manufacturing armor and doing custom sewing and kydex, and have recently branched out into retail, offering a selection of products from partner companies whom we can recommend from personal experience, in most cases.

It is exciting to open up our sales to the general public, after catering to elite end users for many years - we are an "outfitter" more than "a retailer" and every client is equally important to us. 

We are happy to offer solutions for situations, none too big or too small. 

Drop our Chief Technical Officer a line at pipe@airixarmor.com, to consult about anything. 
Or contact info@airixarmor.com for any general inquiries

Every decision we make is carefully considered - our customers, friends and family members use AIRIXARMOR products in life or death situations, and we are humbled and motivated to continue affecting positive outcomes for clients new and old.

If you are wearing or using an AIRIXARMOR product, I want you to have an unfair advantage.  I want you to be bizarrely protected, unfairly outfitted, and unusually capable!

We absolutely make some of the nicest armor on the market.

We also offer products that are designed with a similar use case in mind like KAC, Geissele, Daniel Defense, Surefire, Colt, Ballistic Advantage, Radian, VLTOR, American Defense, BCM, L3, Elbit, FLIR, and a few others.

We have some exciting projects in the works. Shoot us an email or give us a call - we love to talk about our projects.

Please enjoy confidence that we are dedicated to providing.  If you have an idea of how something we make could be improved, please let us know.  As you know, this is both an industry and a community!