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ACR Electronics SM3 Marker Light

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ACR SM3 Marker LightModel: 3947Bright light in all directions (360° visibility)UV resistant polycarbonate caseLight weight and compact in sizeEasy bracket installationBracket is included and maintains same hole pattern as SM-2 for easy retrofitAutomatically rights itself and activates when in the waterHigh intensity LED strobeFloats upright in all conditionsMinimum 40 hours continuous operating life at 30oC (86oF) or over 24 hours at -1oC (30oF)User Replaceable AA Energizer L91 Lithium Batteries (Not Included)The SM-3 is a high intensity LED strobe which provides 360° visibility for approximately 2 miles. This compact yet durable marker light facilitates rescue by automatically activating and beginning to strobe when in the water, working for over 40 hours at 30oC (86oF) or over 24 hours at -1oC (30oF). Perfect for commercial marine, petro-marine, cruisers, and any other application needing a reliable Crew Overboard Marker (COB) light, the SM-3 floats upright in all conditions, ensuring it will keep shining when you need it the most.With a minimum light intensity of 3 candelas throughout its entire operating life, this high intensity LED strobe clearly marks a crew-overboard site with each brilliant flash. It automatically rights itself and activates when in the water, ensuring that activation is never an issue that a crew member in distress needs to worry about. The SM-3 operates on 2 AA Lithium batteries and the batteries are user replaceable, allowing the potential for a longer product life than the many disposable lifebuoy lights on the market.The supplied mounting bracket holds the SM-3 secure in the roughest of conditions but it is still readily accessible when needed in an emergency. Additionally, while the SM-3 and its bracket are significantly smaller than the SM-2 counterparts, the SM-3 bracket conveniently maintains the same mounting hole pattern as the SM-2, allowing for easy retrofit with no additional adapter plate required.The SM-3 is USCG/MED/SOLAS approved for use around the world and this durable LED marker light therefore provides an excellent option for vessels needing to meet USCG and SOLAS carriage requirements for lifebuoy self-igniting lights. As per USCG and SOLAS requirements for passenger and cargo vessels, at least one-half of the total number of lifebuoys on the vessel must be fitted with a self-igniting light. Minimum carriage requirements are based on the length of the vessel and can range from a minimum of four to a minimum of fifteen lifebuoys with self-igniting lights per vessel.Rugged design leads to greater flexibility of use. While the SOLAS standard only calls for a 30-meter drop test, the SM-3 has been drop tested to 76 meters. This makes the SM-3 a versatile option for use on a variety of platforms or vessels of different sizes.With its easily replaceable Lithium AA battery power source, the SM-3 will give years of service and be ready when called upon.SpecificationsNameSM-3 Lifebuoy Self-Igniting Marker LightProduct DescriptionStrobing Crew-Overboard Marker LightModel NumberSM-3ApplicationCommercial maritime applications including petro-marine, workboats, cruise liners, tugs and workboats, supply vessels, cargo vessels, passenger vessels, fishing charters etc.SizeLength9.9" (253 mm)Diameter2.2" (56 mm)WeightsLight Only0.66 lbs (300 g) Light with Batteries0.71 lbs (330 g)Light with Batteries & Bracket0.90 lbs (406 g)Batteries2 AA Lithium Batteries (L91) / User Replaceable (Not Included)MaterialUV Resistant PolycarbonateColorInternational Safety OrangeActivationAutomatic gravity switchOperationThrow SM-3 overboard or turn upright and strobe light will automatically begin to flashLight IntensityMinimum of 3 candelas per flash in all directions of upper hemisphereVisibility360o visibilityFlash Rate50—70 times per minuteBuoyantYesLampUltra-Bright LEDOperational Life40 hours over 3 cd at 30oC (86oF)Drop TestDrop tested to 76 meters (USCG/SOLAS/MED only call for 30 meters)Warranty1 yearMounting BracketUV resistant polycarbonate bracket included / Same mounting hole pattern as previous SM-2 Model for easy retrofit