AIRIX ARMOR "Type 1 Special Threat" SAPI

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  • The  AIRIX ARMOR "Type 1" plates are third-party, independently tested.
  • 0.7" thin, 4.45 lbs
  • A tiled, Silicon Carbide Ceramic strike face
  • This standalone ballistic plate is a great option for those who require protection from diverse rifle threats

Design Philosophy

We believe hard armor should defend against all common rifles, pistols and shotguns.

All hard armor plates should have standalone multi-hit protection against the most prolific projectiles fired from the most prolific "domestic style" small arms.

Carriers without additional mitigation are the most common use of the armor inserts, so  "standalone by default" is the appropriate way for professionals to service clients.

These must all be stopped:.

  • 5.56NATO m193 55grain FMJBT
  • 5.56NATO m855 62grain "green tip" mild steel component
  • 5.56NATO 69/77 SMK OTM
  • 7.62NATO M80 147 grain FMJBT
  • 7.62NATO asstd soft point
  • 308/30-06 168-200 FMJBT and SOFT POINT
  • 7.62x39 m43 122grain FMJBT
    Have no significant spalling concerns,

Because there are regrettably worse situations, another style is also part of our lineup.

AIRIX ARMOR TYPE 2 are a "beefier option that has the same principes EXCEPT it anticipates military style armor piercing projectiles  They can be found on another page of this site.

Please don't hesitate to contact us for info on testing.

Guaranteed to be free of defects for 7 years.

Not for sale to felons, to the state of Connecticut, or for Export under any circumstances.