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AIRIXARMOR 9mm AR BOLT - Titanium Nitride

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We are having these made by an OEM who makes 9MM Bolts for the most trusted brands in the 9MM bolt industry.  We're having them made in IonBond Titanium Nitride (Gold, Yo!). 

They work, they're made in the USA, they're made by a HIGHLY RESPECTED machine shop and OEM who makes them for other brands that charge a lottttttt more.  

We can offer them to our customers without a lot of fuss.  We're in!

Each Bolt is verified to be in working condition.  If you have issues, it probably wont be with the Bolt.  Bolt is 100% guaranteed to work. 


The perfect 9mm bolt for your pistol caliber build. Meticulous machining and a gold IonBond Titanium Nitride finish ensures perfect fit and function in your 9mm build.

  • 8620 Single Piece Bolt
    • 9mm
    • Gold PVD IonBond Titanium Nitride Finish
    • Heat Treated
    • AR15 Style Extractor
    • 17-4 Stainless Steel Firing Pin with Spring
    • Functions with All AR15 Style PCC Systems Including:
      • Colt Style Magazine
      • Glock Style Magazine
      • Endomag
      • Full Auto Compatible
  • 100% American Made