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AIRIXARMOR Ultralight Buckle-free LEG STRAP

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Introducing The AUBL:
(AIRIXARMOR ULTRALIGHT BUCKLE-FREE LEG-STRAP) Provides enhanced holster stability without crowding your crotch.

Designed to fit between a Safariland UBL and Safariland ALS or OTHER compatible (3-hole mount) holsters, the AUBL offers a low mounting point for enhanced leverage and stability, making the most of 1"-wide milspec webbing and shock-cord with the application of VELCRO ONEWRAP instead of a buckle all up in your junk.

with a design philosophy of "high end minimalism" we also make use of the Elasticity of shockcord to help with support, While making sure that comfort remains priority #1

It's the leg strap for people who think they don't like leg straps.  Try it out.

Berry Compliant - Made with Care in the USA with 1" wide milspec webbing, shock cord, bonded nylon thread, our proprietary polymer, and ONEWRAP

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