CAA MCK - Micro Conversion Kit -  SIG P320 TAN CAA MCK

CAA MCK - Micro Conversion Kit - SIG P320 TAN

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CAA Micro, Handgun Conversion Kit, Fits Sig Sauer P320, Tan Finish, ONLY FITS FULL SIZE P320

Using the CAA Sig Sauer P320 MCK - Micro Conversion Kit, you can turn your pistol into a dynamic platform that will create a better shooting experience for you while also improving your efficiency in the field. CAA built these Rifle Parts with top and side Picatinny rails for mounting thumb-rests, lasers, sights and other accessories. This CAA Sig Sauer MCK - Ambidextrous Micro Conversion Kit is designed with an Ergonomic Finger Groove Grip so that you can securely grasp your weapon to stabilize your shots. These kits provide so much utility with little drawbacks, especially since you can easily conceal carry your weapon with them attached, and they offer some of the quickest assembly and disassembly on the market. Pick up a CAA MCKSIG - Micro Conversion Kit today to amplify the possibilities of your firearm.

Kits are not compatible with a Sig Sauer P320 with a threaded barrel or Sig Sauer OEM night sights.

Specifications for CAA Sig Sauer P320 Pistol MCK - Micro Conversion Kit - Generation 4:

Gun Make: SIG Sauer
Gun Model: SIG Sauer P320
Included Accessories: Long Stabilizer

Features of CAA Sig Sauer MCK
- Micro Conversion Kit: No pistol disassembly required - Just place pistol into the kit, lock, and go
-Allows for multiple configurations with one platform
-Ergonomic Finger Groove Grip for more stability
-Top Picatinny rail, allowing a combination of sights and/or optics Side Picatinny rails for mounting additional accessories, i.e.. thumb-rests
-Ambidextrous, fast and easy handling
-Right-folding stock/arm brace for easy concealment and carry, locks in folded position
-Front spare magazine holder for a faster reload
-Built in charging handle allowing for quicker assembly / disassembly
-Exposed slide release for direct contact and easier use

Package Contents: CAA Sig Sauer MCK

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