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COLT LE6921 Complete Upper Receiver Group14.5" - BCG, CH, Rear Sight

Colt LE6921CK 14.5" M4 LE Upper

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These are coming in looking very nice, 14.5" M4 Barrel, A2, FSB with Sling Swivel, Chrome lined, LE6921 Uppers with Colt Bolts and CH.

These are not Pinned/Welded, they come with an A2 flash hider.  Description says matech rear sight, picture shows magpul.  It will come with one of the above, certainly!

If you would like it pinned and welded we can do that for you.  Please contact us before ordering at if you are interested in that service. 

 They are a very nice stash!  Send us a text or email us, we may be able to come down a bit on price in certain circumstances. (775)-986-GUNS