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HOLOSUN LS321R Multi-Laser Device. IR Laser/ Red Laser / IR illumination

Holosun IR IR Red LS321R

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HOLOSUN LS321R Multi-Laser Device. IR/RED Laser, IR illumination - Backorder

Holosun LS321R Multi Function Laser Device, Red Laser, IR Laser, IR Illuminator, Adjustable brightness, Fits 1913 Picatinny Rail, Black Finish

  • Coaxial visible RED laser, IR laser, IR illuminator
  • Rear focusing knob
  • QD mount CNC machined housing
  • Remote cable switch included - Crane Spec Cable, can be used with many industry standard remote switches!

Product Description

  • The LS321R is a multi-laser device that features a red visible laser, an IR laser and an IR illuminator.
  • Coaxial visible RED laser, IR laser, IR illuminator
  • The operator uses Windage & Elevation adjustment to adjust the 3 slaved laser beams at the same time.
  • The focusing knob is located at the rear of the unit for easy adjustment
  • It comes with a remote switch, but word on the street is that it can be used with most other Crane Spec remote switches.  Surefire light+laze switches, modbuttons, yeah, probably good to go!
  • Has a QD mount.
  • Momentary activation button switch on top.
  • Usually we ship immediately, but due to current logistics situations this will probably ship about 3 or 4 business days after ordering.  After that, it's PRIORITY, baby!  Just like you! 

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No returns on this item! Not at this price!  Holosun has a warranty!  



P.S. here are the surefire light&laze switches, if you wanna add one to your order.