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Meprolight Foresight Smart Optic - Augmented Reality

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The Meprolight Foresight Smart Optic offers features and benefits to shooters across a wide range Law Enforcement, Competitive, Professional, Hunters and other serious shootersof disciplines who want to upgrade their capabilities from the Mepro Foresight alone using real-time data or in conjunction with the Mobile App for Android and IOS. The first of its kind, the augmented Mepro Foresight, provides benefits not seen before on an opticBattery Level, Five Preset Reticles from the sight memory database, Digital Zeroing, Built-in Compass, Leveler and Real-Time Projected Dataproviding the shooter with critical ballistic data needed to assist in accurate shot placement. The Foresight mounts to the Picatinny rail and once the individual ballistic data is saved, the sight can be removed and placed back without having to re-zero. The App allows the shooter to store up to 10 zeroing profiles for 10 different guns, regardless of the caliber or save the shooting profiles of 10 different individuals. The App also contains an extensive list of reticles that can be uploaded and used.