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Model: B/C GUN PLUMBER FOLDING MULTI-TOOL Brand: Birchwood Casey
The Birchwood Casey(R) gun plumber folding multi tool is built from quality steel and is portable for range or field use. Gunsmith selected bits cover all your firearm repairs.Multiple bit options for repairsUniversal choke tube wrench..
Model: B/C GUN PLUMBER FLDNG HG MULTI-TOOL Brand: Birchwood Casey
Birchwood Caseys gun plumber(R) handgun tool has all the tools you need to keep your revolver 1911 and striker fired handgun operating. The gun plumber(R) handgun tool features an integral patch loop and separate internal threaded rod for quick and effective bore cleaning. These also function well a..
KA-BAR offers more than 100 high-quality knives - tactical and utility - including knives for hunting sporting and military.Multiple tools for firearm maintenance..
Model: REAL AVID 4-IN-1 TOOL FOR GLOCK Brand: Real Avid
Sleek ergonomic packed with function. In every way a thoroughly modern armorers tool for Glock owners. 4 different tools store inside the handle and each snaps open and locks in place with the push of a button. Remove pins for disassembly change out front sights remove slide lock spring and locking ..
Model: REAL AVID AR15 TOOL Brand: Real Avid
This folding X-Frame tool is clad with G-10 grip plates and is the most capable partner made for the AR15. Its packed with precision-made mission-specific tools. It removes carbon with ease from 12 critical bolt carrier group surfaces makes repairs helps customize reduces malfunctions and makes disa..
Real Avid makes a variety of firearms cleaning and maintenance products.Folding Wharncliffe Knife BladeDriver and Bit SetPin Punch..
Model: REAL AVID GUN TOOL PRO FOR AR15 Brand: Real Avid
When it comes to keeping your AR15 going bang and getting the most for your buck Gun Tool Pro-AR15 is the clear choice. Thirty-five highly capable tools in a tactical rugged design work with ease and precision to keep black guns firing reliably and accurately. From teardown and carbon scraping to ma..
Model: REAL AVID AR10 SCRAPER Brand: Real Avid
The AR10 Scraper saves cleaning time by removing built-up fouling fast. Its precision made to match 12 surfaces on all 4 major parts of the bolt carrier group: the bolt carrier bolt bolt cam pin and firing pin. A punch for the firing pin retaining pin is located at the front for quick disassembly.Qu..
Model: REAL AVID AR15 SCRAPER Brand: Real Avid
The moving parts on an AR15 require a precision-scraping solution so Real Avid developed The AR15 Scraper-the first scraper designed to clean 12 critical surfaces on the bolt carrier group. The innovative double-ended swivel design saves time by removing carbon quickly and easily from the entire bol..
Model: REAL AVID CARBON BOSS AR15 Brand: Real Avid
This is the most comprehensive carbon removal multi-tool ever built. Extremely versatile it has 12 precision surfaces to clean the most critical parts of your bolt bolt carrier cam pin and firing pin. It also includes a cotter pin puller a replaceable rotating hybrid SMART BRUSH and an imbedded bolt..
Model: REAL AVID GUN TOOL Brand: Real Avid
We set out to make a gun-specific multi-tool and ended up creating an entire category. This gun tool was designed for those Oh crap moments - when problems strike and they need to be fixed fast. The Gun Tool can change choke tubesin mount and adjust scopesin tighten screws and break down actions. No..
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