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Tactical Pouches

Tactical Pouches
Model: 1791 EDC HD ACTNSNAP LRG FLEX CHEST Brand: 1791
The working man has pockets full of essential tools for their busy lives. But full pockets can weigh you down. Digging past pocket knives and multitools to get to your keys or wallet can be a pain. The Action Snap EDC is designed to keep your daily necessities organized and in the same spot every ti..
1791 Easy Slide Heavy Duty Ambidextrous Burgundy Large HD-ES-LF-BUR-A Leather
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Model: 1791 EDC HD EASYSLIDE LRG FLEX BURG Brand: 1791
The Easy Slide is tough and handmade out of high-quality leather. Named for the simplicity of the belt loops inches the Easy Slide slides on your belt and securely keeps your EDC in place at all times. The sleek style of belt loops snugs this sheath against your body for minimal footprint. Designed ..
1791 Mini Action Snap Ambidextrous Burgundy Medium MN-AS-MF-BUR-A Leather
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Model: 1791 EDC MINI ACTNSNP MD FLEX BURG Brand: 1791
The Action Snap holster is one of the best EDC leather belt organizers made from ultra-durable full-grain leather with a smooth inches matte finish. This handsome holster clips onto your belt and securely snaps in place inches keeping your everyday carry items within reach. Instead of frantically di..
Model: BIANCHI EXP BATON HLDR BLK 26 Brand: Bianchi
The 7312 AccuMold Expandable Baton Holder features a hole in the back for convenient reholstering of extended batons. Molded and contoured trilaminate construction with ballistic weave exterior and Coptex knit lining. Conveniently fits both 2 in. (50 mm) and 2.25 in. (58 mm). duty belts.Duke web bel..
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