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Fire Starters

Model: INDREV UCO MATCH CASE Brand: Industrial Revolution
Protect and securely store your matches away from moist damp conditions. The waterproof UCO Match Case will hold up to 40 matches (including elongated UCO Stormproof Matches) and includes an integrated striker plus 2 extra strikers. The ribbed case offers an easy grip even in cold weather. Its ideal..
Model: KERSHAW FIRE STARTER Brand: Kershaw
This Kershaw Fire Starter strikes a spark-even in damp conditions. Rainin snowin or whatever Mother Nature can dish outin with this magnesium alloy fire starterin youll be able to achieve the spark you need to get your fire going. The firesteel shaft is good for up to 3in000 strikes and the chrome-p..
1/2in x 6in Ferrocerium Rod with Lanyard and tungsten striker.Ferrocerium RodTungsten striker..
Model: PATHFINDER MINI INFERNO Brand: Pathfinder
Being cold is tough. So is eating cold food. Never again will the elements determine your fate when it comes to keeping warm or enjoying a nice hot meal. The journey from no fire to sure-fire couldnt be easier. Simply tear a disc to expose the fibers and hit it with a spark its that easy. Each disc ..
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